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National Weather Radar

Homeland Security Information Base

New From Ark Supplies:

While our main business is in Secure Check-In Databases, like many of you, we also have hobbies that sometimes develop into small businesses in their own right.

Such has been the case with our new handcrafted Olivewood Messianic Jewelry and Judaica. Each piece is carved by hand from a piece of Mediterranian Olivewood using only a Dremel tool. If you are one of the growing number of Christians and Jews who are looking at the whole Bible as one complete book, check out these new catalog items.

Growing Security Concerns:

One of our fastest growing commercial areas is with Ministry Management Database Systems.

The first to come online was developed for a Sports and Fitness Center to allow members to check themselves in and out quickly without staff intervention, at the same time showing the staff a photo of the member, and alerting them to unpaid fees or lack of training on certain equipment.

The second system allows for secure identification, check-in and check-out, of preschoolers in a church/school environment using bar-coded ID cards. All personal information is visible immediately on scan-in, and no one can pick up a child without a matching keycard.

These systems are completed to the users' specifications and satisfaction, generally for about half the price of similar "off-the-shelf" products. Contact us for more information.

How We Got Our Name:

Despite our neat Boat logo, an ark isn't always something that floats. By definition, an ark is a box that is used to keep something secure. Whether it is people and animals as in Noah's case, or the tablets of the Law in the "Ark of the Covenant" in Moses' day, an ark is a place to keep things safe.

By developing systems to assist you in protecting the people and information that you value, we feel that our company is most qualified to help you develop and equip your ark.

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