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A Bit About Ark Supplies:

In the Biblical story of Noah, he is given the task of not only protecting a large group of wild and domestic livestock, but also to develop the skills and collect the supplies necessary to build a better society at the end of a great disaster.

In the mid 1990s, as theY2K computer problem took shape and companies were required to correct and protect software and data before it could be damaged or destroyed by the date change at midnight December 31, 1999, the idea for Ark Supplies was born. As managers of a large television production company, the task of insuring the safety of their products, their data, and even the income and personal security of their employees began to fall on Jay and Penny Isbell.

Operational guidelines, critical databases, and material assets were acquired or created. The mindset was that no matter what happened at midnight, everyone in the company would still have a job, a reasonable lifestyle, and all of the customers' assets would be protected and accessible. This proved to be great training for the future, because less than two years later on 9/11/2001, our nation's security was once again challenged.

Besides the ongoing concern about interruption of services, now there was an added area of personal security and identity thrown in. Companies began to ask for photo ID cards for their employees as well as encrypted scanners for entry into restricted areas. Databases were developed that not only kept up with inventories and bookkeeping, but also with monitoring and restricting access to vital resources. Schools and businesses required their students and staff to wear visual identification at all times. Disaster plans were developed and implemented. The concept of keeping a survival kit in the office or car was no longer considered an oddity, and the idea that something else could happen was no longer looked on as "If", but "When".

As these things began to unfold, Jay and Penny left the television business after more than 30 years, and formed Ark Supplies LLC in June 2003. Almost immediately, they began to have requests for their services. The goal is simple; to offer the ability for a home, school, church, or company to develop the best plan possible for their organization to efficiently monitor and carry out their daily operations, prepare for any disruption, and allow for a seamless continuation of life "after the flood".

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